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Post Repository Creation Checklist

Post Repository Creation Checklist

After you either generated a new repo from an GitHub template or duplicated it, you need to configure encrypted secrets for GitHub Actions, update contact links, and install Mergify, among other things.


Here's the gist of what you do as a new template maintainer:

  • Install Mergify on your account/org. We're working on an GitHub Action workflow if you don't prefer to use Mergify instead.
  • Configure encrypted secrets for Docker Hub, RHQCR (the public instance on and GHCR
  • Adjust GitHub repository settings, and optionally update sponsor links.

Step 1: Installing Mergify

Transferring to or has repo creation permissions in code-server-boilerplates org? Skip this step, since we installed that GitHub app across the org.

Otherwise, install the app in an account/org where your template is. If you don't want to install the app across all repos, select Only select repositories and manually add that repo before hitting Install.

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